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Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 12 years, 10 months ago

The Anla'Shok Expansion


An expansion called "Anla'Shok" was scheduled to be the next expansion to be released for the Babylon 5 CCG when Precedence lost the license. It had certain design criteria: develop the rangers, expand the Minbari, design a "corporate faction", address issues with the ISA and Drakh, and design big-name replacements. Some of that information was made available in the only press release that Precedence put out about the expansion. What most people don't know is that the development stage was being done by an external committee of 5, of which I was one. Just before the license was lost we sent a preliminary card set to Precedence for development.


Some of the cards we sent have long since disappeared - we were working in teams - but I did have a collection of notes for over 100 cards that I had been involved with. I've reassembled what I could from the notes and created "virtual cards" based on what was submitted and my recollection of our discussions. 


These are by no means "official" cards. If Precedence had kept the license then their development team (i.e. Kevin and Mike) would undoubtedly have made changes that reflected where they wanted the game to go. The cards that are here represent what I might have done if I had been the development person. This means that I have worked at properly costing the cards and checking their abilities as well as plugging some gaps that have since become apparent. Of course there will be some problems but the expansion has been around for the best part of 10 years now. It should be stressed that Warner Bros' and JMS hold all the various copyrights here so please respect that if you decide to print any of the cards.



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