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Anla'Shok cardlist


This is a checklist for the Anlashok Dream Card Expansion

Num Card Type Spec Type Race
1 Dark Dreams Aftermath Won Drakh
2 Application Of Terror Aftermath Won  
3 Efficiency Drive Aftermath Won  
4 Ranger Pin Aftermath Participant  

Sleeping In Light

Aftermath Won  
6 Trust the Corps Agenda   Human
7 Business Plan Agenda    
8 Hope for Victory Agenda    
9 Market Dominance Agenda    
10 Media Monopolist Agenda    
11 The Misalliance Agenda    
12 Valen's Gift Agenda    
13 Ambassador Cotto (starting) Character   Centauri
14 Ambassador Cotto (replace) Character   Centauri
15 Centauri Dealer Character   Centauri
16 Emperor Cotto Character   Centauri
17 AnlaShok na Ivanova Character   Human
18 CEO Lise Hampton Edgars Character   Human
19 Entil'Zha Sheridan Character   Human
20 Ericsson Character   Human
21 Guinevere Corey Character   Human
22 Jack Character   Human
23 Jeffrey Sinclair - AS Character   Human
24 Orin Zento Character   Human
25 Stephen Franklin, DXb Character   Human
26 Stevens Character   Human
27 Anla'shok na Lenonn Character   Minbari
28 Branmer Character   Minbari
29 Calieer Character   Minbari
30 Minbari Worker Character   Minbari
31 Morann Character   Minbari
32 Nozakk Character   Minbari
33 President Delenn Character   Minbari
34 Rastenn Character   Minbari
35 Sech Durhan Character   Minbari
36 Sech Turval Character   Minbari
37 Sheedos Character   Minbari
38 Tannier Character   Minbari
39 Ambassador Ta'Lon Character   Narn
40 G'Dan Character   Narn
41 G'Kar Character   Narn
42 Amanda Carter Character   Neutral
43 Babylon 5 Merchant Character   Neutral
44 Captain Jack Character   Neutral
45 Captain Montoya
Character   Neutral
46 CEO William Edgars Character   Neutral
47 Faceless Executive Character   Neutral
48 Findell Character   Neutral
49 Garibaldi Character   Neutral
50 Marcus Character   Neutral
51 Mr. Paretti Character   Neutral
52 Neoma Connoly Character   Neutral
53 Ranger Infiltrator Character   Neutral
54 Ranger Operative Character   Neutral
55 Ranger Sakai Character   Neutral
56 Taro Isogi Character   Neutral
57 Tessa Halloran Character   Neutral
58 Wade, Corporate Thug Character   Neutral
59 Drozak Character   Non-Aligned
60 Nhim/Grem Character   Non-Aligned
61 Business Deal Conflict Diplomacy  
62 The Bottom Line Conflict Diplomacy  
63 Boardroom Coup Conflict Intrigue  
64 By Any Means Necessary Conflict Intrigue  
65 Corporate Espionage Conflict Intrigue  
66 Give Them What They Want conflict Intrigue  
67 Last Man Standing conflict Intrigue  
68 Ratings Battle Conflict Intrigue  
69 Take What They Want
Conflict Intrigue  
70 Zathras Fix
Conflict Intrigue  
71 Mora'dum Conflict Leadership  
72 Extortion Conflict    
73 Masterful Plan Contingency Agenda  
74 Swat! Contingency   Centauri
75 Concealed Fighting Pike Contingency Character  
76 Disarm Contingency Character  
77 Flashy Maneuvers Contingency Character  
78 None Shall Pass Contingency Character  
79 Off Planet Accounts Contingency Agenda  
80 Bankruptcy Restructuring Contingency Character  
81 The Zocalo Enhancement Babylon 5  
82 Card Shark Enhancement Character Centauri
83 Ka'tok enhancement Character Narn
84 Ranger Fighting Pike Enhancement Character  
85 Successful IPO Enhancement Faction  
86 Survival Training
Enhancement Faction  
87 White Star 2 Enhancement Fleet  
88 White Star 27 Enhancement Fleet  
89 White Star 90 Enhancement Fleet  
90 A Very Agreeable Thump Enhancement global  
91 Age of Prosperity Enhancement Global  
92 Ranger Banner
Enhancement Global  
93 To Strive Enhancement Global  
94 Tuzanor  Enhancement Global  
95 We Serve the One Enhancement Global  
96 Where No Others Will Enter Enhancement Global  
97 A Room Full of Narns Event   Narn
98 Oath of Honor Event   Narn
99 Cashflow Crisis Event    
100 Chaos Theory Event    
101 Dawn of a New Age event    
102 Enduring Service Event    
103 Make Money Fast Event    
104 Order Event    
105 Out-fought
106 Out-led
107 Out-maneuvered
108 Out-thought Event    
109 Out-witted Event    
110 Strong-Arm tactics event    
111 Superiority Event    
112 The Almighty Credit Event    
113 The Rush Act Event    
114 The Wealth of Planets Event    
115 To Find Event    
116 To Seek Event    
117 Undermined Event    
118 White Star Attack Wing Fleet   Babylon 5
119 White Star Patrol Wing Fleet   Babylon 5
120 White Star Recon Wing Fleet   Babylon 5
121 E.A.S. Cortez Fleet   Human
122 Heart of Darkness Group   Drakh
123 Edgars Industries Group    
124 FutureCorp Group    
125 IPX Group    
126 Postal Service Group    
127 The Universe Today Group    
128 Corporate HQ Location   Neutral
129 Subsidiary(1) Location   Neutral
130 Subsidiary(2) Location   Neutral
131 Subsidiary(3) Location   Neutral
132 Zagros VII Location   Neutral





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