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Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 16 years ago

"Anla'shok" FAQ

Version 1.0

Date: 5-APR-2004

Corporate Questions

Q: Do credit tokens give me extra influence to spend?

A: No. Credit tokens do nothing by themselves. (Corp rule 6). To make use of credit tokens you have to use a card which makes use of them.


Q: What's wrong with the image on Subsidiary?

A: Nothing. There are three different versions of Subsidiary with the same image but different text. This is deliberate. It is corporate practice to try to confuse people after all.


Q: Does this mean I can have 9 subsidiaries in a deck?

A: No. Card limits are based on title alone. You can only have 3 subsidiaries. You could have one of each or three copies of the same one or any combination. Your choice.


Q: If I am not a corporate faction do I have to pay double to sponsor corporate characters?

A: No. Corporate is just bold-face text just like it always has been.


Question: If a Corporate faction starts a Neutral character as ambassador, does that mean they can't play any non-neutral characters or...?

A: No. The only difference is that corp factions have to pay +3 for cards of their race that aren't corporate. E.g. if I'm playing human corporate faction and I reveal Faceless Executive as my ambassador then the way it works is:

  • neutral characters - no change;
  • any corporate card of any race can be sponsored at 'normal' cost - i.e. as if loyal to humans;
  • any human card which is not corporate - cost +3 (technically you must apply 3 additional influence);
  • any card loyal to a non-human race which is not corporate - no change (i.e. still double cost).



Q: the agendas that say may be sponsored for free, that means without rotating someone correct?

A: correct.


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