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Anla'Shok Rules Sheet


This expansion introduces the ability to play a corporate faction. Corporate factions place loyalty to the credit above racial loyalty.


Last Update 4/5/2019

Corporate Faction Rules Version 3.3


  1. A Corporate faction is a faction of a race just like any other faction. To play a corporate faction reveal a corporate character who is neutral or loyal to your race, using the restrictions on who can be a corporate ambassador below. Example if playing Narn I could reveal Max Eilerson as my ambassador to play a Corporate faction of the Narn race.
  2. Choosing a corporate ambassador: any sponsorable corporate character with a printed cost of 10 or less and who isn't an ambassador's assistant can be chosen as a corporate ambassador. Examples: Lise Hampton Edgars cannot be chosen as an ambassador as she can only enter play through replacement, CEO Garibaldi cannot be chosen as his printed cost is greater than 10, Elizabeth Trent however can be chosen as an ambassador. CEO Lise Hampton Edgars can be revealed as an ambassador as she can enter play through replacement OR sponsoring normally.
  3. A card with the word "corporate" either in the title or bold face text is a corporate card. 
  4. Corporate factions can sponsor and promote Corporate cards at normal cost regardless of their racial loyalty.
  5. Corporate factions must apply 3 additional influence when sponsoring, promoting, playing or revealing any non-corporate card that is loyal to their race as an additional requirement. Corporate Factions cannot play or reveal agendas that are loyal to their race.
  6. Several corporate cards make reference to 'credit tokens.' There are no additional rules for credit tokens.




Elizabeth Trent. Replace her text  with the following: "Corporate. At the beginning of the Draw Round, If Elizabeth Trent is not in your Inner Circle, discard a random card from your hand. Rotate Elizabeth Trent as an action and apply any amount of influence to have target conflict gain 1 support for each influence you applied."


This change insures that Trent remains a fair card if she has chosen to be the ambassador of a Corporate Faction.


Full Mobilization. Replace the text with:

"Each time you sponsor, promote, reveal or play any card you must apply additional influence equal to your unrest as an additional requirement. You may sponsor and promote cards without rotating an Inner Circle character. Rotate this agenda whenever you gain influence from a conflict to gain +1 Power."


Eyes and Ears. The ability bonus from Eyes and Ears is *not* cumulative with other copies of this agenda. This is a specific errata to this card, not a general rule.



If a card effect requires you to "discard (or remove) X tokens" without specifying which card, you may discard the relevant number from any number of cards in your faction. If an effect requires you to "discard (or remove) tokens from this card" then all discarded tokens must come from the card specified.


If an effect allows you to add support to a conflict and you choose a conflict with multiple sides (e.g. Prey on the Weak, Euphrates Treaty) then you can decide which side to support. This is an old ruling from Secret Vorlon Aid and is presented here simply because Elizabeth Trent's ability tends to bring the question up.


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