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Babylon 5 CCG

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 12 years, 7 months ago

Babylon 5 CCG: Published rules and resources

Coming Soon (for a given value of soon)

  • Rules sheets for each expansion
  • A version of the 1.3 rulebook with all expansion sheets added



Comments (1)

Michael said

at 12:05 am on Jul 30, 2018

Hello Bruce

Thank you for responding to me apologies for my brusque remarks on PBworks but trying to get a hold of these Babylon 5 CCG has been exceedingly frustrating to say the least and especially so now as the game has not only lost it's manufacturer Precedence Games and the license it had from those short sighted Warner Bros idiots, but also that the game itself seems to have lost it appeal except to collectors and game enthusiasts like myself.

I have many new ideas for them even if they could never be as printed out Babylon 5 CCG cards, could at the least, be made into those Virtual cards you've done. as I really like those that you have done add much to B5 gameplay that otherwise wouldn't be available!! Dam Warner B for being so ignorant!! I would actually like to know what FONT is used to make those virtual cards and where I could get the various graphics & templates etc to make those virtual cards, I cannot do them with the graphics not easily at any rate.

And 'Yes' I do have a Flatbed Black widow Scanner that goes to 1200DPI haven't used it in a while, whether it is a Hi-res one though I would need to check on that, and I even know a former printer !!! Other than that well it looks sadly like Babylon 5 is dying along with those that were in it who have already passed away! I see those Babylon CCGs becoming so rare that at some point no one but the wealthiest of the wealthy will be able to afford them - sadly!! All that remains is the legacy of those cards that were made and are now collectable items rising in value everyday, as well as in rarity to try and acquire those that are left over. Bye

Yours Sincerely
Mr Mike T Arnot
Scotland UK

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