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Errata to Published Cards

The following list contains errata to published cards that was under consideration by Precedence when the game ended.  For errata released by Precedence, see Published Cards Errata.


  • Elizabeth Trent: Replace the text: "As an action you may apply" with "Action: rotate and apply…". I.e. Elizabeth Trent must rotate to use her ability. The full text is: “Corporate. At the beginning of the Draw Round, if Elizabeth Trent is not in your Inner Circle, discard a random card from your hand. Action: rotate and apply X influence to target a conflict. Target gets +X support (to a side of your choice if more than one side can be supported).
  • Full Mobilization. This card’s text is replaced with the following text. “As an additional requirement to play, reveal or promote any card you must apply influence equal to your unrest. You may sponsor and promote cards without rotating an Inner Circle character. Whenever you gain influence from a conflict, if you are not a Drakh Faction, rotate this agenda to gain +1 Power.”
  • Eyes and Ears. The bonus from this agenda is not cumulative with other copies of Eyes and Ears. The text reads: "Ranger. Ranger characters get +2 to their hightest ability (or highest abilities if tied). Not cumulative with other copies of Eyes and Ears. Apply 6 influence to initiate an Intrigue conflict. Unneutralized participants with Shadow Marks who oppose this conflict apply +2 opposition. Won: gain +1 power."


Graphical versions of these cards can be found here.

Errata Notes


Elizabeth Trent. This card's major use was a stall tactic. Initially balanced by requiring IC membership this balance would be lost by declaring her as a corporate ambassador. Even without that, she was seen as being undesirable for the game.


Full Mobilization. This agenda has been a problem since Great War. The fix does two things. First it makes it work as the designer himself intended. Secondly, it is horribly abusive in timed games with Drakh decks, so the Drakh have been forbidden from using it.


Eyes and Ears. With Anla'shok, multiple copies of this agenda in play would be over-powered, especially in tournament play where friends may collaborate to play it, hence its non-cumulative clause. Note that this ruling is specific to this agenda; normally in B5 all effects are cumulative.


Errata and changes to cards from the New Sets


If any cards do become a problem then the card image will be updated and an errata log created here. Errata will only flagged as such if the card has a change that affects its functionality. Wording changes or image changes to fix typos will not be logged here except in unusual circumstances.


August 2011 errata

All sets

Note: there is a possible issue with fleets that have abilities other than (or in addition to) military when an attack occurs. E.g. If Earth Force 1 (8 Dip, 1 Mil) is attacked with Military 5 then thematically it should be destroyed however according to the rules, it is not. The rules do not anticipate this issue so consider the following additional rule to be under test:

Fleets can only attack and be attacked using Military (unless a card says otherwise.) Reducing a fleet's Military to zero will neutralise it (providing it is suffering at least one point of damage) even if it has other abilities (such as Earth Force 1) that have not been reduced to zero. A fleet that is participating in a conflict can be attacked using Military even if it is not using Military. Example: Earth Force 1 with a Diplomacy of 8 is participating in an Impasse: a diplomacy conflict. It only has a Military of 1 so can be attacked by any fleet using Military. It cannot be attacked with Diplomacy.

Clarification: Leading a fleet adds the character's Leadership to its Military ability only, not to any other ability.


The Vorlons

  • Carn Mollari. Include that he has to be removed from the game to trigger his card draw ability. This makes it once-per-game and prevents silly levels of card draw.
  • Earth Force 1. "Cannot attack" is added. This is purely thematic. 


September 2006 errata


  • Sech Durhan only applies his damage first when attacked. His ability has proved to be badly overpowered.


September 2005 errata

  • Vorlons. Walker Smith: his ability to neutralize all characters in an attack only works when he is attacked.
  • "Angel": Its conflict cancelling ability is no longer a coming into play effect. Instead he must rotate as an action and it can only be done on turns in which he enters play through being sponsored.
  • Claim Their Place. Some early versions of this card had the conflict type - Leadership - missing from the card type box.


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