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Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 5 years, 11 months ago

What it's all about

This wiki is for two areas of gaming that are old passions of mine: RuneQuest and Babylon 5 CCG


Ongoing Projects


On the back-burner




Possible Future Projects

  • Open For Action: a fast to play RQ OGL pulp hack.
  • The Babylon Project. Use of the RQ OGL material to power a game in the B5verse. 


Abandoned Projects - these will never be 

  • Third B5 CCG virtual set "The Dying Races"
  • Revised B5 CCG base set (optimised for draft play) "The Third Age"
  • The Peke Patrol: for either MRQ or BRP - a small, furry animal game.



Comments (5)

Michael said

at 12:40 am on Jul 29, 2018

Okay PBworks

I have a problem I was going through my Babylon 5 Card Images lists to see if I had all of the card images from the premier, Deluxe, Great war, Shadows, Crusade, severed Dreams and Wheel of Fire and Promo cards etc But there is a serious problem I do not have all of the images and they are extreme hard to come by and download even Vorlon space website isn't good for them and the images there are badly blurred of poor quality and without the black border around them so they are essentially crap and no good to me whatsoever!

Does or can PBwork supply me with a Card image downloads, do you have them on your website and if so where?? And in what form i.e jpeg, png etc ???? This to me is worse than annoying as I really need to fillout the card images for my own reference and not having them makes cataloguing my physical card sets exceptionally difficult to dam near impossible!!! I note that you some New card set images which are brilliant but I also need those Older ones too!!!

Michael A
You have my details to email me and let me know Thanks

Michael said

at 12:51 am on Jul 29, 2018

To PBworks

Additionally one of the very best sites that seems now to be defunct was Nisto Calgary for Babylon 5 Card images that were clear crisp images very good quality much better than the horrid blurry images on Vorlon space, that are less than useless to any would be card collector for cataloguing if they weren't going to display them as high quality images then why bother at all!!! This to me is a waste of time to the extent that I might as well have systematically had all of my existing Babylon CCG card photographed either professionally or scanned by myself and after enhancing assembled the images myself!!! at present other than through PBworks whose Updated card images are by Far and away much superior to V.S card images!!! I cannot find a single website that can give me the entire Babylon 5 card-list pathetic truly pathetic it really is and I'm officially annoyed by it!!!
If a job is worth doing [ And Babylon 5 CCG Cards are certainly well worth it!!! ] then do it right or not at all!!! - to Vorlon Space!!!

Seriously I'm peed with it!!!

Michael A
Scotland UK

Bruce Mason said

at 8:53 am on Jul 29, 2018

Hi Michael, Bruce here - creator of this page. I'm afraid I can't help. The images I use are taken from Vorlon Space. The new cards were designed by photoshopping Vorlon Space ones. I don't know of any good quality, hi-res B5 scans and the company that created the cards has long since folded. Basically I can't help. I don't have the equipment and skills needed to create 600dpi scans or photos. It would be great if someone did.

Michael said

at 4:43 pm on Jul 30, 2018

Hello Bruce

Can I ask how the Virtual Cards are created and would it be possible to submit any ideas for further expansions of them - For Example the EAS Cerebus ( M Gideon's 1st Service Omega Class Destroyer ) ?? or other such cards ideas??? Please let me know I would definitely like to make a contribution if that were possible? Thanks Again


Bruce Mason said

at 10:26 pm on Jul 30, 2018

Hi Michael, I created the cards in Photoshop. I have personally finished with creating cards for the CCG; I think the two sets went as far as I wanted to. My current project is an imaginary "reboot" as if I were developing a game derived from the CCG in a LCG format. That's the "virtual card game" linked to on the front page. If you want to know more, I do the live development in a closed Facebook group and periodically update this wiki.

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