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Full Mobilization

Orginally published in The Great War, has EngineRules Errata.

The card’s text is replaced with the following text. “As an additional requirement to play, reveal or promote any card you must apply influence equal to your unrest. You may sponsor and promote cards without rotating an Inner Circle character. Whenever you gain influence from a conflict, if you are not a Drakh Faction, rotate this agenda to gain +1 Power.”



Errata version


There were several problems with the agenda. Its influence gain mechanic was overpowered. The intended balancing drawback was badly written so that it did not affect every card - as originally planned. Finally, its interaction with Drakh Military was badly overpowered and made for an almost unstoppable stall mechanic where the Drakh could gain massive influence but not be able to win the game unless the eliminated all other players. The errata addresses all of these issues.



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