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Lankor Mhy ay

Lord of Knowledge

Lankor Mhy’s mother, Oreanar, was the Goddess of Truth and his father Acos, God of law. Lankor Mhy knew all the secrets of the Cosmic Law that ruled the perfection of the Glorantha Court but in that primal age, no one needed to ask. When Orlanth founded the Storm Tribe, Lankor Mhy became his lorekeeper. To share his knowledge with his followers, he invented writing.

Lankor Mhy knows the laws, histories and customs in every land he is worshipped in. In addition, he knows much about the laws, histories and customs of foreign lands. His worshippers maintain a friendly rivalry with the followers of Issaries. His followers must always wear beards; female followers don false beards of wood or metal, some of them quite elaborate. He is depicted as a bearded man carrying a quill and scroll. Temples of all sizes exist throughout the barbarian belt and several great Libraries are found in the EWF and in the Kingdom of Night, the largest of these is the Final Knowledge Repository at Nochet.

Shrines teach Analyse Magic.

Pantheon: Orlanth

W       Runes: Law, Truth.

W       Worshippers: Scribes, scholars, philosophers.

W       Worshipper Duties: Gathering knowledge, then hoarding it.

W       Cult Skills: Craft (Cartography), Culture, Evaluate, Invoke (Lankor Mhy), Language, Lore (all),  Literacy, Perception, Persistence.

W       Cult Spells: Countermagic, Detect Paper, Detect Dragonewt (if raised in or near EWF territory) or Detect Timinit (if raised in or near God Learner territory), Mindspeech, Second Sight.

W       Common Divine Magic: All.

Apprentice (Lay Member) Membership

Requirements: Candidate must past an intelligence test (roll INT x 4 or less on 1D100) after paying a fee of 10 silvers.

Special Notes: Apprentices must devote 90% of their time and income to the cult. In exchange, they are given room and board and receive 120 days of training per year in Evaluate, First Aid, Influence, Language, Lore (Any) and Perception.

Initiate Membership

W       Requirements: Candidate must have 90% or more in one of the cult skills. If he was not an Apprentice, he must pass the standard tests of cult skills as well.

W       Special Divine Magic: Analyse Magic, Clairvoyance, Knowledge, Mind-Read, Reconstruction, Translate, Truespeak.

Grey Scholar (Acolyte) Membership

Requirements: Standard, except the candidate must have 90% or more in one cult skill.

Sage Priest (Runepriest) Membership

Requirements: Standard, except the skill requirements also require the candidate to have 90% or more in two cult skills.

Sword Sage (Runelord) Membership

Requirements: Standard. Candidate must have 90% or more in one Language plus 90% or more in four other skills. These can be from the cult skills and can include First Aid, Influence, Staff.

Special Notes: Sword Sages check for Divine Intervention on a 1D10 rather than 1D100. A Sword Sage must donate 90% of his time and income to the cult. Sword Sages are responsible for much of the new knowledge reaching the library-temples.

Special Benefits

W       By spending an hour in a library, cult members may gain a +10% bonus to any Lore skill, which lasts for six hours.

W       At the beginning of each session, acolytes gain one free Second Chance roll, without expending a Hero Point, which may be applied to any Lore skill test.

Associated Cults

W       Issaries: Provides Create Market.

W       Orlanth: Provides Wind Words.


For more on Lankor Mhy (sometimes also spelled Lhankor Mhy) see the prosopaedia, the cult write up and read about Biturian Varosh's encounter.

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