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Orlanth Dragon Breaker

The Storm God in his aspect of Dragon Slayer

One of the most ancient roles of Orlanth was to slay the dragons that threatened his people. He slew many dragons. The first of these was Sh’hakarzeel, whose body formed Dragon Pass, but many others followed. He slew Aroka and freed Heler to end the droughts. He broke Fenman the Coral Dragon when it devoured the land. He slew Drathdaw the Stone Dragon when it tried to mate with Kero Fin, his mother.


Since the Dawn, the cult has always had a small but important place, especially among those Orlanthi living around Dragon Pass. The cult led the Traditionalists in their fight against the nascent EWF but were scorched and seared by them. Survivors fled to Ralios, where prophecies spoke of a coming Dragonbreaker who would cleanse the world of the EWF. Only a few scattered shrines to Dragonslayer remain but several holy places exist where dragons have been slain by Orlanth or his champions. Shrines teach Fight (Dragons).

  • Runes: Air, Death, Motion.
  • Type: Storm.
  • Pantheon: Orlanth.
  • Worshippers: Dragonslayers, fools, heroes.
  • Worshipper’s Duties: Slay dragons, thwart the EWF, win glory.
  • Cult Skills: Athletics, Evade, Influence, Lore (Orlanth), Insight, Stealth, Sword, Spear and Shield Combat Styles
  • Cult Common Magic Spells: Bladesharp, Mobility, Pierce, Vigour

  • Standard Divine Magic: Standard plus Heal Wound, Lightning Strike, Shield

  • Special Divine Magic: Fight Dragons, Know Dragon Weakness.

  • Allied Cults

    • Chalana Arroy provides Sleep

    • Ernalda provides Earthweight

    • Heler provides Rain

    • Lhankor Mhy provides Analyse Magic

    • Mastakos provides Guided Teleportation

    • Storm Bull provides Face Chaos

    • Valind provides Freezing Wind

    • Vinga provides Pathfinder 


Initiate Membership

Requirements: Standard.


Storm Servant (Acolyte) Membership

Requirements: Standard plus the candidate must have slain at least one draconic being in the past year.


Dragon Slayers (Runelord/Priest) Membership

Requirements: standard

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