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Published Cards Errata

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 12 years, 8 months ago

B5CCG::Published Cards Errata

This page contains a list of errata that is cloned from Vorlon Space. See also a list of

  1. Updated card images
  2. Errata that was under consideration when the game ended.


New errata and clarifications (20 February, 2001)

using one ability as another

When a card allows you to use one ability as another, this may only be done for purposes of participating in conflicts, attacking, or (when using an ability as Leadership) for leading a fleet.

example of using one ability as another

Michael Garibaldi uses his Intrigue of 3 as Diplomacy to support a Diplomacy conflict. He can only be attacked using Diplomacy, and the amount of damage he deals in return would be based on his Intrigue value (and it would double due to his game text, so if Delenn attacked using her Diplomacy of 6, she would do 6 damage to Garibaldi and he would do 6 damage to her). If Popular Support is played on Garibaldi, increasing his Diplomacy by +2, he would still only be supporting the conflict for 3 because his Intrigue is 3. If Underworld Connections was used to give him +2 Intrigue, however, he would then be supporting the conflict for 5.



Change the effect text to

Play on yourself. Discard any number of Inner Circle characters. For each character thus discarded, you may convert one of your Doom Marks into a Destiny Mark. (Discard this aftermath after play.)

Tyranny enthroned 

Replace no ISA member can rotate your fleets with no other ISA member can rotate your fleets. In other words, you may still rotate your own fleets.


New errata and clarifications (14 november, 2000)

Destined to be 

Change the effect text to

Target a conflict. Choose a type of conflict, and won or lost. You may play aftermath cards on the target conflict that match the selected conditions during this conflict's resolution.

Example: Delenn targets Londo's Limited Strike conflict (a Military Conflict) with Destined to Be, and names "Diplomacy" and "Lost" as her conditions. She may play Lost Diplomacy Aftermaths on Londo during the conflict's resolution, such as Enrage orLeft Vulnerable. Destined to Be does not allow her to play a "Lost Aftermath" that does not specify Diplomacy in its card type, since it does not match both selected conditions (Lost and Diplomacy). Nor could Delenn play an aftermath which had additional requirements in its effect text (such as losing the conflict by a certain amount) unless those requirements were actually met.


Change the first sentence to

Rotate Lavindra to provide each Imperial Telepath and Centauri Emperor in play with 2 points of damage resistance.


Change the second sentence to

When sponsoring a card, you may apply any amount of damage on Oqmrritkz, up to its current Military.

search for a home

Change the effect text to

Cannot be blanked or discarded. If you control no locations you conquered using Search For a Home, rotate this agenda, target a Homeworld in play, and discard Chaos Tokens equal to the Homeworld's printed Military: you conquer the location, and while you control it, even if this agenda leaves play, each turn you may apply (X - 10) additional influence, where X is the location's printed Military at the time you conquered it. If you control a Homeworld loyal to another race, and no other players control any locations, you score a Major Victory this turn.

thenta makur

Change the effect text to

All Narn Characters in play gain a Strife Mark while Thenta Makur is in play.


Change the second sentence to

All characters you control inflict additional damage equal to their number of Conspiracy Marks during attacks.

additional rules and clarifications

While a Crusade Pile may appear similar to a "deck", it is not an actual deck for rules purposes. When you are instructed to draw cards, search your deck, shuffle your deck, etc., you do so with your normal deck of cards, not your Crusade Pile. Only a card which refers specifically to your Crusade Pile can affect it.

new errata (14 june, 2000)


search for a home

Replace equal to the Homeworld's Military with equal to the Homeworld's printed Military.

new errata (09 june, 2000)


replacing agendas

The following agendas, which have requirements to sponsor, need those same requirements to replace.


additional rules and clarifications

  1. Each race may only have one Homeworld for that race in play at any given time (the Homeworld card's name is irrelevant).
  2. If a card already in play becomes your ambassador, and your previous ambassador remains in play, you must transfer to the new ambassador all cards which must target an ambassador.
  3. After searching or looking through your deck, always reshuffle unless otherwise instructed by a card.
  4. Only one copy of a given Contingency may be revealed per each trigger.


kha'ri characters

Kha'Ri Character is any character with a bold-face Kha'Ri title in their effect text, including such titles as Representative of the Kha'Ri and Kha'Ri Intelligence Officer.


Cards with no printed cost

A card that does not have an orange cost bubble in the lower right hand corner has a cost that is undefined as far as other cards are concerned. Undefined does not mean zero. It is impossible to apply an undefined amount of influence or purge anundefined number of marks.

Example: The effect text for Forces Collide states Apply influence equal to the cost of the enhancement, plus 1 per Vorlon Mark required to play the card. Discard the enhancement. Therefore, you cannot use Forces Collide on enhancements with no printed cost bubble, such as Shadow Tech UpgradeRecalled, or Forced Impairment.

Cards that do not refer to cost specifically can target other cards with undefined costs.

Example: Taunts and Games' effect text reads Target a card another player sponsored since your last action. Apply the same amount of influence the player applied.... Since Taunts and Games does not refer to cost, it is legal to use it on cards with undefined costs, such as a sponsored agenda or the First United Fleet.



The following errata apply to cards in The Great War and Psi Corps expansions. All previous errata have been absorbed into the Deluxe revision of the cards.


The second sentence should now read: All characters you control inflict additional damage equal to their number of Conspiracy Marks during attacks.


Add the following sentence at the beginning of the text: Target a character you control.

tualakh vit'lokh

In the first sentence, replace sponsored with put into play. Replace the second sentence with Tualakh Vit'lokh's other printed abilities become zero.


Replace the first sentence with You may play Limited, non-Unique Character cards as Contingencies to this group. In the last sentence, replace At the end of the turn with At the end of the Resolution Round.

day of the dead

Replace the first sentence with All players may return to play one character from their discard pile into their supporting row. (place has been changed to return to play.)

sheridan reborn

The fourth sentence should begin Rotate Sheridan Reborn...

carrier group

The second sentence should read If one of your fleets participating in the same conflict...

non-aligned aide

Replace permanently lose 1 Diplomacy with reduce this character's printed Diplomacy by one.

non-aligned agent

Replace permanently lose 1 Intrigue with reduce this character's printed Intrigue by one.

non-aligned captain

Replace permanently lose 1 Leadership with reduce this character's printed Leadership by one.



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