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RQ House rules summary

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 14 years, 10 months ago

ReQuest rules.

This page provides information about significant rules changes.

Generic Changes

My version RQ original Reason for change
Combat Actions Fixed number of 2 CAs. # of CAs varies between 1-4 depending on DEX Partly simplicity but mostly because the extra CAs are hugely unbalanced.
Initiative Your initiative equals your Strike Rank plus 1D10 rolled once at the beginning of combat. Initiative equals your SR+d10, rerolled every round. Partly to speed up play, partly design philosophy. Random element included at player request.
Critical Hits Includes an armour piercing element equal to your actual dice roll. Maximum weapon damage. This improves the effectiveness of critical hits against armour - has been balanced by dropping the armour penalty.
Opposed rolls Succeeding your roll but losing the contest results in a partial success. Replaces "downgrading" Downgrading leads to anomalous results, especially in combat.
Parries and Dodges New combat matrix. (See below.) Old combat matrix The effects of parries and dodges have been rewritten to work properly with partial successes so that no matrix is needed.
Basic Skills List Different selection of basic skills. Added culture, disguise and insight as basic skills, folded all the lores together.   This purely to reflect my beliefs about what constitutes key skills and also to incorporate later RQ products such as the GM's Handbook
Skill base scores All bases are derived from 2 stats added together with occasional modifier base scores are random No real rhyme or reason to original base scores.
Dedicated POW Does not reduce skills based on POW does reduce such skills Simplifies book-keeping. This is now an official RQ rule.
Armour Penalty Penalty based on Encumbrance Penalty based on Armour Points Not as crippling, penalty becomes based on encumbrance of armour rather than its protectiveness


Parry summary:

critical success - block all damage, ignore knockback and can riposte using a reaction.

Normal success - parry weapon blocks 2*APs in damage

partial success - parry weapon blocks 1*APs in damage


Dodge summary:

critical success - attack misses, attacker becomes vulnerable.

normal success - attack misses.

partial success - take 1/2 damage (rounded down as normal.) This is before damage reduction due to armour etc.

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