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Sleeping In The Light

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 12 years, 6 months ago

Card name: Sleeping In The Light

Card type: Aftermath | Won Aftermath





Text: Irrevocable. Rotate your Entil'zha Sheridan if he has no Fate Tokens and no Doom Marks to play this card on a conflict you initiated. All effects that would cause a player to not check for victory, or be unable to check for victory, are cancelled. All ISA players score a Major Victory this turn. (Discard this aftermath after play.)


Expansion: Anla'Shok

Card id: AS R 005 1.0

Rarity: Rare


Rulings and Notes:


Errata history:

Copyright: Babylon 5 is (c) Warner Bros. 2008. This is an unofficial fan-created dream card.


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