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The Blood of Orlanth

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Glorantha The Second Age:: Season 2, The Blood of Orlanth


A man fights with his sword, a dragon fights with fire a sorcerer fights with lies. How will you fight for the Blood of Orlanth?


Dark Season 908 and the second harvest in a row has failed. The Orlanthi of Heortland are calling this The Long Winter and many claim that the end of the world is nigh.


The EWF army has crossed the Marzeel and set up camp. Rumours about the siege of the Clanking City are flying thick and fast. Many say that the King Androfin the Defiant has sent warbands to join the EWF in the siege which is why the EWF army has still made no overtly hostile moves. It might also explain why the Orlanthi clans of the Solthi River feel that they have been abandoned as Androfin moves his forces south.


The player characters have found themselves guests of the Howling Wolf Clan; one of the two clans holding territory along the Solthi River. The chieftain, Orlgard, has offered them guest rights in return for hunting, information and defence duties. There is, however, tension. Orlgard's sister - Vinya - has been arguing that the clan must accept reality and make peace with the dragon so she and Aslander - a recently-initiated but rather quiet about it Dragon-Slayer - don't see eye to eye. Her son, Theorl, however stands to inherit the role of chieftain now that all of Orlgard's 7 sons have died, so she is not a good person to cross. Then, one dark and stormy night the clan is feasting on a rare treat - three deer - when the door blows open and Deorlaf staggers in. His cottage is under attack and on fire...


These pages present background information, character sheets and narratives for the Mongoose publication, The Blood of Orlanth, an epic campaign set in upper Heortland. There are SPOILERS everywhere so read on at your peril. And don't forget to buy the book...



Act I: Sky End Stead

Act II: Along the Laughing River

Act III: The Calm Before the Storm

Act IV: Ashbringer's War

Act V: Sacred Time


Local Area background

Your current home is the Tula of the Howling Wolf Clan in Heortland in the second age of Glorantha. See links to information about local cults (the Orlanth Pantheon), how to become an initiate and maps




Storm Season Freezeday Waterday Clayday Windsday Fireday Wildday Godday
Disorder Week Leave Deepwell, arrive Noryar Defend Billhook Brotherhood against Seran the Laugher. Then leave Noryar, Griffith left behind. Arrive at Solthmouth, meeting with Aeldred, meet Cadamil retrive bowl from Zugat, get caught up in a rebellion Interrogate Jezat. Aslander joins the rebellion. Rest heal up Meet with Maralis. Agree to try and arrange treaty between Aeldred and the Wolves. Set out for Sky End Stead with Maralis's long-time friend, Hilda. Travelling north Still Travelling north.
Harmony Week Pass near enough to Sunvale to hear talk of a siege there.     Arrive Sky End Stead. Return bowl, discover that news of its theft has leaked due to Mandrik telling aunt Vinya. Cormalin and Keldo begin the initiation rites of Orlanth Martyred.    
Death Week Keldo and Cormalin reborn. Clan Moot. Orlgard re-acclaimed as clan chiftain. No consensus about joining rebellion though. To Granny Hickory's cave. She's no longer there. Hilda casts Reconstruction and sees her confronted by God Learners.

Humakt High Holy Day

Larad holds service in Sky End Stead

Travel to Urling's Ford Travel south Arrive Thunder Bridge. Larad concerned about defences.
Fertility Week Travel South to scout out area around Sunvale. Bring down a Wyvern and rider, keep the head. Manage to get into Sunvale, hear that the situation is getting desperate Travel north. Return to Thunder Bridge. Meet with messanger from Maralis who has a proposition from the God Learners. Meet with Rsadi at the Ebenriss Hawk Exultant in the mountains. The God Learners offer weapons for future trading rights. Reveals that Granny Hickory is under house arrest. Consult with Donal about weapons. messanger arrives from Thandor begging for help. Donal agrees to send Daven, 12 men and the party. Travel South
Stasis Week Arrive Sunvale. Aslander says the defences won't withstand a Thunderer Charge Attack on Sunvale beaten off. Aslander missing, possibly dead, after duel with Ferule the Stonebreaker. Consultation with Thandor. Meeting with Jotisan The Raven. News from Griffith of an EWF ritual in Noryar and rumours of prisoners in Deepwell. Leave for Deepwell.

High Holy Day of local Uroxi. (Yes, I got it wrong...)

Travelling south to Deepwell with Jotisan. 

Travel across river to Deepwell caves and camp during the day. Liberate prisoners at dusk and kill Vastyr.    
Movement Week              
Illusion Week              
Truth Week              


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