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To create a familiar requires use of the Enchanting Ritual Sorcery Spell and follows the usual rules except that the casting time is measured in weeks rather than hours.


Some Grimoires that contain the knowledge of how to create a Familiar either contains a list of possible of Familiars. Others teach a method that allows the sorcerer to look into their heart and create a Familiar that they have an affinity with. In game terms, the Familiar's species can be rolled randomly or decided between the GM and player. The sorcerer can only create a Familiar out of a creature with a combined POW+SIZ of 3 pts for each 10% of the sorcerer's Grimoire skill. E.g. A sorcerer with a skill of 72% could create a Familiar out a creature with a combined POW+SIZ of 24 or less. This is why most sorcerers prefer fairly small Familiars.


Once the species has been chosen the sorcerer must find the appropriate creature and build a relationship of mutual respect over the period of time that it takes to cast the enchantment.


To create the familiar the sorcerer must invest at least 1 Magic Point from their Personal Magic Points to create the basic bond which also awakens the creature. The sorcerer may also create more advanced bonds and perform other enablements. The cost in MPs for bonds must be paid using the sorcerer's own MPs but enablements may be created using Magic Points from any source. Once the desired bonds and enablements are decided on, the sorcerer makes a roll of their Grimoire skill opposed by the creature's Persistence. If the spell is successful, the Familiar is awakened and gains an INT and CHA that is rolled using the same dice as the sorcerer's species. E.g. a Familiar created by a human sorcerer would have an INT of 2D6+6 and a CHA of 3D6. On the unlikely chance that this is lower than the creature's original scores, the original scores are kept.

Once created the bond has a Strength equal to the sorcerer's Grimoire skill used to create the bond. Over time, as the sorcerer's skill increases, the strength of the bond will increase. If desired, the sorcerer can make the bond two way in which case the Familiar's Persistence skill is added to the strength of the bond. A two-way bond allows both sorcerer and familiar to make use of the bond's abilities. However if one bond is made two way, then all bonds must be two way.


The Bonds

The Heart bond. Cost 1 Magic Point. All Familiars require this bond. It means the sorcerer if aware of the location of the Familiar providing the Familiar is within the bond's range (Strength/10 in km) of the sorcerer. The sorcerer is aware of the basic emotions of the Familiar and roughly what it is up to while it is within the bond's range and can request the Familiar's presence. If the bond is a two-way one, the Familiar is also aware of the same information about the sorcerer.


The mental bond. Cost 1 Magic Point. If the Familiar is within the bond's range, the sorcerer may issue commands telepathically  and may use the Familiar's senses. This will allow the sorcerer to cast spells targeting the Familiar and also to cast spells through the Familiar's senses as if the sorcerer were present at the Familiar's location.


The soul bond. This can only be added in both the Heart and Mental bonds are made. While within range, this allows the sorcerer to access the Familiars Magic Points, all knowledge (e.g. Lores) and to cast the Familiar's Magic using the Familiar's skills.

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