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Goblin Hall Part 4

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 10 years, 2 months ago

Grid Based Combat::Goblin Hall::[<<::Part 4::>>]

Over the wall!

Combat Round 14

Edlas 24, Rickard 23, Walliam 22,Goblins 19, Brutus 13, Battle Lizards 10

24 Edlas-1 the elf archer arrives at the bottom of the steps to save the day in a blaze of heroic glory.

23 Rickard-1 1/2 move and attack (Throw dagger 67x) vs Gob 9 (-)

22 Walliam-1 prepare evade

19 Gob 9-1 Equip javelin, Gob 11-1 catch ball (24S).  12 & 14 run away and sound alert

13 Brutus-1 (shouts at Rikard – give me up a step up to wall). Slings Shield.

10 Lizard 2 – moves to bottom of stairs.

24-2 Edlas-2 load bow.

23 Rickard-2 run to bottom of wall

22 Walliam-2 explains tactical situation to Edlas – “we’ve got to get over that wall!”

19 Gob9-2 attack (javelin 43S) at Rikard (no response – running).  Dam 4 (no effect). CM – trip Rikard evade 64 fail (due to fatigue) Tripped. Gob 11-2 aims ball (no target)

13 Brutus runs towards Rickard

10 Lizards agitated.

24-3 Edlas-3 attack (bow 56s ) vs Gob 9 (-). CM: Impale. 8 to left leg. Serious Wound. Resilience 34 success but lose. Stunned 2 CAs and falls prone.

23 Rickard-3 stands

22 Walliam-3 moves forward.

Combat Round 15

24 Edlas-1 reload bow

23 Rickard-1 braces

22 Walliam 1/2 move and prep Evade

19 Gob 9-[1stun] scrabble 1/2 move backwards drawing shortsword Gob 11 ball vs Walliam 26S Walliam evade 24 success but loses. Walliam 10 damage to Left Arm -7HPs. Major wound. Resilience 18 success but loses. Unconscious. Spells end. Bashed 2m

13 Brutus-1 Athletics 13S. Brutus prone on top of wall.

24 Edlas-2 Attack (Bow 57S) vs Gob 11-2 Evade (24S but loses). 8 to right leg. Serious wound. Resilience 81X. Prone,  leg disabled, stunned 2 CAs.

23 Rickard-2 delay.

19 Gob 9-[2 stun] Prep parry.

13 Brutus-2 reaches down for Rickard.

13 Rickard-2 Athletics 83X. Can’t get a grip. Rickard needs to get a grip…

10 Lizard 2 moves towards Gob 11

24-3 Edlas runs towards wounded Walliam

23 Rickard-3 Athletics 68X. Trying to get up wall.

Combat Round 16

(Edlas 24, Rickard 23, Walliam 22,Goblins 19, Brutus 13, Battle Lizards 10)

24 Edlas-1 checks Walliam. Major wound, nothing he can do right now. Needs First Aid or Healing magic to stop him from bleeding to death but Edlas has neither. Tells this to Rikard.

23 Rickard-1 gives up getting up wall and moves to Walliam.

19 Gob 8-1 starts to sneak away, Gob 9-1 Prep attack. (to ward off Brutus). Gob 11-1 [stun] whistles “come” command to Lizard 1. 1/2 moves to one side. (Ball swinging in general area)

13 Brutus-1 stands.

10 Lizard 1 moves towards Gob 11. Lizard 2 comes to top of stairs sees Brutus and engages.

24 Edlas-2 surveys scene. Reloads bow.

23 Rickard-2 Heal 2 vs Walliam 77x Fails of course.

19 Gob 9-2 starts to drag himself downstairs. Gob 11-2 Orders Lizard 1 to “protect”

13 Brutus-2 attack (2h longsword 64s) vs Lizard 2-2 parry (Claw 50S). 1/2 damage =6 to Right Leg - minor

10 Lizard 1 moves to protect Gob 11.

24 Edlas-3 attack (bow 17s) vs Lizard 2 (-). Impale. 5 to left leg. Minor injury but arrow stuck in.

23 Rickard-3 Heal 2 vs Walliam 85X. Rickard’s player goes home in disgust.

Combat Round 17

(Edlas 24, Rickard 23, Walliam 22,Goblins 19, Brutus 13, Battle Lizards 10)

24 Edlas-1 reload bow

23 Rickard-1 Heal 2 vs Walliam 77X. Rickard’s new player goes home in disgust as well

19 Gob 9-1 moves away. Gob 11-1 stands, balancing himself with shortspear.

13 Brutus-1 attack (2h longsword 85s) vs Lizard 2-1 parry (Claw 41S) 1/2 damage =3 – no effect

10 Lizard 2-2 attack (Claw 82X) Brutus-1 Conditional Parry (-)

24 Edlas-2 attack (bow 63S) vs Lizard-2 (-). CM Impale 8 damage to left leg (again). Impale. Serious Injury. Resilience (-20) 47. X. Falls prone. Athletics-20 to avoid falling down stairs. 49X Falls down stairs taking 1D6 damage armour not protecting (4 to chest).

23 Rickard-2 Heal 2 vs Walliam 99! Fumble! Rickard sacrifices small goat to dice gods and asks what he did wrong.

24 Edlas-3 reload.

23 Rickard-3 starts Heal 2 (plans to take twice as long to get +20%)

13 Brutus-2 assess situation. Perception 97X

Combat Round 18

(Edlas 24, Rickard 23, Goblins 19, Brutus 13, Battle Lizards 10)

24 Edlas-1 prepare attack (bow)

23 Rickard heal 2+20 43. Success! Amazing! No HPs healed but bleeding stopped and Walliam stabilised and regains consciousness though still incapacitated.

19 Goblins 12&14-1 instructed to attack by angry chieftain so make their way back into area. Goblin 9 limping away.

13 Brutus waits to see what Battle Lizard-2 will do (keeping high ground)

10 Battle Lizard 2-1 furiously making its way up the stairs.

10 Brutus-1 attack Battle Lizard-2 (2H Sword 38S) Lizard 2-2 Parry (Claw-20 89X). CM: bash.  8 dam to chest. Serious Wound. Resilience -10 41X. And 3 to right claw from fall. Unconscious.

24 Edlas-2 prepare attack (bow)

23 Rickard-2 Move towards doors.

19 Gobs 12&14 1/2 move and prepare parry

13 Brutus-2 move to top of steps

10 Battle Lizard 1-2 sees Rickard at door and moves to jump off wall.

10 Edlas-2 attack (Bow 76S) vs Lizard-2 CM: impale 8 damage to head. Minor wound and impale.

24 Edlas-3 reload

23 Rickard-3 backs off and prepares parry.

Goblin Hall Part 5

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