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Goblin Hall Part 5

Page history last edited by Bruce Mason 10 years, 1 month ago

Grid Based Combat::Goblin Hall::[<<::Part 5::>>]

Up and Over!

Combat Round 19

24 Edlas-1: fires bow at Lizard number 1. The Lizard tries to evade and succeeds but loses the opposed roll. No Combat Manoeuvres so even a solid hit in the chest for 7 damage only causes a minor wound. Attack (Bow 50 success) vs Lizard-1 Evade-10 (05-success but lose). 7 to chest – minor wound.

23 Rickard-1 meanwhile is preparing to Evade the lizard that is eyeing him hungrily.

19 Gobs 12 &14 are nervously guarding the corridor out, preparing an attack against anyone who comes their way.

13 Brutus-1 moves cautiously to the bottom of the stairs, unslinging his shield as he does so.

10 Sure enough the Lizard 1 charges at Rickard, mouth open but Rickard rolls nimbly out of the way.  (Bite-10 10 success) Rickard-1 Evade 56 success and wins.

24 Meanwhile edlas loads an arrow as his second action.

23 Rickard moves to engage the lizard with a prepared parry, just in case.

19 Gobs 12&14 have seen Brutus and decide to delay their action. Bit of a stand-off.

13 Brutus for his second action moves cautiously up the corridor hiding behind his shield. (1/2 move and prepare parry)

13 Seeing their chance, both Goblins attack.  Goblin 12 drives a spear at him but Brutus deflects it with his shield. However, he has no actions left and is wide open for Goblin 14 who drives an impaling blow into his chest. His armour and protection magic mean it's only a minor wound, but the spear head lodges in his breast plate. Gob 12-2 attack (Spear+10 35 success) vs Brutus-2 Parry (Shield 65 success). No effect. Gob 14-2 attack (Spear+10 60 success) vs Brutus (-). CM: Impale. 8 damage to chest. Impaled. 3 damage, minor wound and impale.

24 Edlas delays his action temporarily, waiting to see what happens with Rickard and the lizard.

23 Rickard-3 attacks the slow, clumsy lizard, sticking it in the head with the pointy bit but to no effect. (Rapier 60 success) vs Lizard 1 (-).  Choose head. 1 damage. No effect.

23 Edlas-3 seeing that Rickard will need help, fires his bow at the lizard, aiming high and scoring a minor wound in the head. (Bow 67 success) vs Lizard 1 (no actions left). Choose head. 4 damage. Minor wound.

Combat Round 20

24 Edlas-1 reload

23 Rickard-1 attack (rapier 65) vs Lizard 1 (-). Choose head. 8 damage. Serious Wound. Resilience 18 – success but lose. Unconscious.

19 Gob 12-1 attack (spear 51 success) vs Brutus-1 parry (Shield-10 22 success). No effect

19 Gob 14-1 Brawn to remove spear (34 success). 9 damage! Resilience 25 success. Stunned 2 CAs.

13 Brutus-[2 stun 1 of 2] prepare parry.

24 Edlas-2 “I don’t like how long Brutus is taking.” Moves to base of wall

23 Rickard-2 sheathes rapier.

19 Gob 12-2 attack (spear 26 success) Brutus-2 Parry (Shield 61 success). No effect

19 Gob 14-2 attack (spear 74) Brutus-3 [stun 2 of 2] (Shield 24 success). CM Disarm. Gob 14 26. Success and wins. Disarm fails.

24 Edlas delay

23 Rickard – Athletics-20% 35 – success. Rickard prone on top of wall.

23 Edlas-3 prepare attack (bow) vs anyone threatening Rickard.

Combat Round 21

24 Edlas-1 delay

23 Rickard-1 “sounds like Brutus is in trouble.” Draws rapier and 1/2 move

24 Edlas-1 sheathe arrow

19 Gob 9-1 hiding behind dead battle lizard, propped up. Attack (spear-10 83 FAIL). Rickard Parry-2 (rapier 30 success): CM – change range (disengage and buckle his swash in Brutus’s direction)

Gob 12-1 attack (spear 20 success) vs Brutus-1 parry (Shield 82 FAIL). Hero Point to reroll. (37 success). No effect

Gob 14-1 attack (spear 45 success) vs Brutus-2 parry (Shield 58 success). No effect

13 Brutus-3 prepare parry.

24 Edlas-2 shoulder bow.

23 Rickard-3 attack (Rapier 78 FAIL) Gob 14-1 (-)

19 Gob 12-2 attack (spear 93 FAIL) Brutus-3 (-)

19 Gob 14-2 attack (spear 93 FAIL) Brutus Parry (Shield 60 success). CM Disarm gob 59. Fail. Disarmed of Spear.

24 Edlas-3 Athletics-20 34 – success. Prone on top of wall.

Combat Round 22

24 Edlas-1 stand.

23 Rickard-1 attack (rapier 33 success) vs Goblin 12-1 Parry (Buckler 98 FAIL). CM: Choose location chest. 5 dam. Serious Wound. Resilience 45. Fail. Unconscious.

19 Gob 14-1 Change Range (Evade 97 FAIL) vs Brutus-1 counterattack (Sword 45 success). Choose location Head. Dam 4. Serious Wound. Resilience 72. Fail. Unconscious. Gob 11-1 starting to escape.

13 Brutus-2 1/2 move along corridor and prepare parry.

24 Edlas-2 Perception to assess situation 69 Fail. Ready bow.

23 Rickard-2 1/2 move up corridor, prepare Evade. (moving diagonally to avoid difficult terrain – unconscious goblin).

13-3 Brutus-3  1/2 move along corridor and prepare parry.

24 Edlas-3 ready arrow.

23 Rickard-3 Perception (looking up stair success) 78.

Combat Round 23

No actions. Goblin 9 says it will surrender. Edlas makes it open door and tells it to flee. All goblins capable of fleeing do so. Other goblins and lizards killed. Party take brief breather to regain Fatigue and assess their situation. Walliam helped to top of steps and told to keep look out.

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