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Alternative Hero Point system

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RuneQuest House Rules::Extensions

A system where Hero Points are replenished at the end of each session rather than accumulating between sessions.


  1. At the start of each session, each PC gets a number Hero Points that can be spent during the session. HPs do not accumulate between sessions (or equivalents). Any spent are refreshed at the beginning of the next session. 
  2. A PC normally has 2 Hero Points plus its Improvement Modifier.
  3. A PC who has extra Hero Points because of its Improvement Modifier can spend those Hero Points for other players. 
  4. A PCs can gain permanent increases to their Hero Points in various ways.
    1. The first time a character exceeds 100% in a skill, it gains 1 HP
    2. Once in a lifetime, upon becoming a Rune Level or equivalent a character may dedicate 1 POW to gain 1 HP.
    3. Once in a lifetime a character may gain 1 HP as the direct or indirect result of a HeroQuest.
    4. Once in a lifetime, a character may gain 1 HP as a reward for a major heroic action or sacrifice.
  5. Additional Hero Points can be temporarily gained during a session as a reward for a major contribution (whether in plot, combat, characterisation) or even providing a damned good laugh. These Hero Points do not carry over between sessions.
  6. NPCs have Hero Points too. At the beginning of a session the GM has two HPs as a common pool that any NPC can use. Major NPCs also have 2 HPs each. These HPs reset each session or equivalent. 
  7. Heroic Abilities are now bought with Improvement Rolls, not Hero Points. There is a new Heroic Ability. It requires CHA 15+, a skill with CHA in its basic score at 90%+ and costs 8 Improvement Rolls. It gives the PC an extra HP each session; the HP can be spent on other players' characters if wished.


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