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RuneQuest II House Rules::

A unit has the following stat block which can be derived from the stats of a typical member of the unit.

SR   CA  MOV  Damage Modifier

Armour Points,  Hit Points, MIL

Evade, Persistence, Manoeuvre, Resilience

Close Combat

Ranged Combat

Common Magic, Divine Magic, Sorcery


Damage: dMIL+Damage Modifier+Weapon Size+extra CAs spent

Defence: MIL/2+Armour Points+Weapon Size+extra CAs spent


What is MIL? It is an estimate of the quality and number of troops in a unit. At lower levels it is roughly equal to the number of troops in a unit. As a unit takes injuries and casualities its MIL is reduced, consequently reducing its chance to inflict casualties and to defend itself. When attacking, MIL gives a dice to roll:

MIL  die (dMIL)
1-2  1d2 
3-4  1d4 
5-6  1d6 
7-8  1d8 
9-10  1d10 
11-12  2d6 
13-16  2d8 
17-20 2d10
21-25 3D8
26-30 3d10
31-40 4d10
+10 +d10


What is Weapon Size? Small = -1; Medium = 0; Large = +1; Huge = +2; Enormous = +3.


What are Hit Points? They equal the HP for a typical unit member's head - usually 5 for humans.


Deriving a unit from members. Basically look for the most typical member. Manoeuvre treat this based on a mixture of athletics, familiarity with fighting together and whether there is a leader present.


How does an enagement work in general?


  1. Both units may spend CAs to perform minor actions such as personal spell casting.
  2. Attacker rolls close combat skill. Success - inflict normal damage; failure - half damage; fumble - no damage and disordered; critical - max damage.
  3. Defender rolls close combat: success - block damage equal to Defence; failure - block half defence; critical - block all damage; fumble block no damage except Armour Points and disordered.
  4. If any damage has penetrated, the defender can split the damage between MIL and HPs however HPs cannot be reduced to below 0. 
  5. If unit has been reduced to 0 HPs or has less than 1/2 of its original MIL left, it needs to make a morale check.


Orders: Attack (melee, missile or magic), charge, defend, manoeuvre, retreat, rout, recover from disorderly

Minor actions: cast personal magic, move, run, hide, 


Example attack:

Unit with MIL 15 (2d8), Shortspear and Heater Shield 70% (M+0 & L+1) , Damage Mod 0, 3 CAs, Armour 3, HP 5 VS

MIL 12 (2d6) Greatsword 60% (H+2) Dam Mod +d3, CAs 2, Armour 4, HP 6

Spear attack: 45%. success. Damage 2d8+0+0+1 = 11. 

Sword defence. 23%. success. Defence 12/6+4+2 = 12. No damage.


Sword attack vs spear defence

Attack: success 7+2+d3(2) = 12

Defence success: 8+3+1 = 12. No damage.


Swords: attack MIL (2d6) + Huge (2) + DM (+d3). Swords defence: MIL (6) + AP (4) + Huge (2) = 12

Spears attack MIL (2d8) + Med (0) + DM (0) +1 (CA). Spear defence MIL (8)+ AP (3) + Large (1) = 14


Does dmil not give enough oomph to the attack?

Greatsword attacking spear
Parry:  crit Parry: normal  Parry: fail 
attack: critical no dam  17 vs 14 = 3 17 vs 7 = 10 
attack: normal (average) no dam  10.5 vs 14 = 0  10.5 vs 7 = 3-4 
attack: fail  no dam  5-6 vs 14 = 0  5-6 vs 7 = 0 


Missile damage:

dMIL + SIZe + damage modifier + CAs spent.

Parry defence (shield). or


Evade results: Success - no damage but disordered; Partial Success - 1/2 damage and disordered; Critical - no damage and disordered; Fail - normal damage and disordered.


Resist magic: the same except no disordering for Persist or Resilience. 


Damage for magic. dMIL + Mag (or Sorcery/10) + Targets.


Disordered: MIL halved, skills at -20%.


Frenzy: attack *1.5, MIL*1.5 but cannot defend or evade.


PC impacts

If unit routes: roll d6 on a 5 or 6 take wound bypassing all armour and roll again. On 1-4 take half that number of normal wounds.

If unit becomes disordered: roll d6, on a 6 take one wound bypassing armour and roll again. On 1-5, take one normal wound.

Take one for the team: roll d6 as above but no rerolls.


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