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Alternative Character Generation system

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RuneQuest II House Rules::

A simple and fast skills assignment system.

  1. Assign General skill bonuses. Gain +30% to each of the following: Culture (Own), Language (Own), Common Magic.
  2. Assign the following background skill bonuses to 10 different skills:
    1. skill gets +50%, 
    2. skills get +40% each
    3. skills get +30% each.
    4. skills get +20% each.
  3. Assign experience skill bonuses, choosing one of the following options:
    • assign 5 bonuses of +10% each to 5 different skills. You can choose skills that have already received bonuses. OR
    • assign 2 bonuses of +20% to 2 different skills. You can choose skills that have already received bonuses. OR 
    • assign 1 bonus of +50% to one skill that hasn't already received a bonus. 
  4. Choose up to 6 Magnitude of Common Magic with a maximum of 3 Magnitude in any one spell. 
  5. Join a cult or similar organisation.
  6. Gain Hero Points and equipment. 


Pious Membership Bonuses


  • Initiate in a Religion. Dedicate at least 1 POW up to a maximum of 1/4 POW. Gain up to 4 Divine Spells. Gain any gifts, geases and compulsions as required by the cult.
  • Apprentice in a sorcery order. Gain a Grimoire from the order and up to 4 sorcery spells from it. Gain any gifts, geases and compulsions as required by the order.
  • Spirit Worshipper in a spirit cult. Gain up to 3 Intensity in spirits with a maximum of 2 Intensity in any one spirit. Gain any gifts, geases and compulsions as required by the cult.


Note that these bonuses deliberately do not include skill increases for the appropriate Higher Magic such as Lore (Deity), Sorcery (Grimoire) and so on. Those skills must assigned from the background or experience skill bonuses, representing the way in which the character has dedicated themselves to the organisation at the expense of developing in other ways.


Advanced Characters

Each 'level' of advancement gains the character two additional Experience Skill Bonuses.

E.g. Seasoned characters gain 3 Experience skill bonuses instead of just one; Veterans gain 5, Masters gain 7 and Heroes gain 9. They also gain characteristic improvements and additional Hero Points as described in the RQII core rule book. In addition they can gain more common magic.


  1. Seasoned: gain +2 Magnitude and maximum Magnitude increased to 4; 
  2. Veteran +4 Magnitude and maximum Magnitude increased to 5;
  3. Master +6 Magnitude and maximum Magnitude increased to 6;
  4. Hero +10 Magnitude with no maximum limit to Magnitude (except their INT of course).


Advanced Religious Experience

Veterans can become fervent members in their organisation, masters and heroes can become High Priests/Lords in their appropriate organisation. These do require them to qualify. The characters will gain additional higher magic as well based on the cult. 

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