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B5CCG::Organised Play::B5:CCG Leagues

Babylon 5 CCG: League Play


The intent is to allow people to play in a competitive but friendly way. A league lasts for a season of 4 months. Each entrant will be given a League ID number (LID).


Scoring system  

Everyone starts off with 100 league points.  At the beginning of each match everyone antes 10% of their current points (always drop fractions). Anyone who somehow manages to end up on 0 points can play but doesn't contribute anything to the ante.


At the end of the match each player gets a percentage of the ante back based on the following table, (always drop fractions).


Number of Players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
3 50% 30% 20%    
4 40% 30% 20% 10%  
5 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%


If you play with more than 5 players use the same scoring as a 5 player game (anyone 5th or lower doesn't get any points back).


Victory Points.  The winner of the game gets additional Victory Points (VP) equal to the number of players minus 2.  He must always give at least one VP to another player but the rest he can either keep for himself or hand out among players as he sees fit.  E.g. the winner in a 5 player game gets 3 points.  1 must go to another player. The winner can do what ever he likes with the other 2, but he must allocate all the points. 


A win with a major victory nets an additional +1 VP.  A win within time gains an additional +1 VP.  For example, a 3 player game won within time by a major victory gets the winner a total of 3 VPs. One of those VPs must be given to another player.


All inclusive example.  Richie enters a 4 player league game.  He has 95 league points currently.  He antes 9 points (95/10 = 9.5, drop fractions =9 points). The other 3 players ante 30 points between them for a total ante of 39 points. At the end of the game Richie wins in time.  Richie gains 15 League points (40%*39 =15.6 points, drop fraction = 15).  He also has a total of 3 VPs; he keeps 1 for himself and gives 2 to the human player; remember he had to give at least 1 point away. So Richie gains a total of 16 points from the game.  At the beginning of the game he had 95 points, anted 9, got back 16, so he now has 102 league points.




  1. If two (or more) players finish on the same power then the player with the highest influence wins.
  2. If the influence scores of the tied players are the same then the ante is shared among them.  Don't use ambassador's abilities to break ties.

Example: Ian and Richie are tied for second and third in a 4 player game with equal power and influence.  They share the percentage points for the ante (30+20 =50% total) to get 25% each.  If there was 38 points in the ante then they would get 38/4 = 9.5 = 9 each.


Tied Victories

  1. If in a game there is a tie for first place (e.g. due to someone winning a Master of All at the same time as another player gaining a victory or two players tied for first place when time runs out) then if one win was a major victory and the other(s) standard victory(ies) then the major win takes precedence.
  2. If more than one person qualifies for a victory then the winners share the ante for their placings.  E.g. Ian and Richie are both on 21 power and 21 influence when a 4 player game times out putting them both as winners.  They share the ante (40 + 30 =70%) at 35% each.


Calculating league standing

You start to score points immediately however you do not qualify for prizes or rankings until you've completed 5 games.


Rules and regulations

  • Games must adhere to all tourney regulations.  
  • No game be played with less than 3 players.  
  • Dual race games are allowed.  
  • Games may be played on either constructed or sealed deck basis. 
  • Games played in tourneys count if all players in the game are league players, the tourney runner allows it and all players in the game agree.


Time of games.  Tourney rules allow for games lasting 1 to 2 hours.  When time is called the action round ends immediately (as if Confusion in Chaos had been played) and you skip straight to the resolution round.  If someone wins the game on this victory check that does count as a victory in time.


Every game should have a nominated referee who doesn't play. 


Once you've played the game please provide the league's director with full results (player, race, position, points, victory points, final agenda) ASAP. Finally players are expected to try to play every other player in the league at least once.  



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